About Us

Stage 5 takes pride in its hard-earned reputation as a leader in Live Event Merchandising. Our unwavering dedication to innovative products, exceptional service and continued reliability has been the key to our merchandising success for a diverse range of clients and events around the world.

Our expertise spans across all facets of entertainment merchandising from Sports to Music to Theatre to Arena Spectaculars; and we are much more than just another merchandising company. Renowned for being efficient and hands-on, we understand the importance of personal, focused service and maximizing your merchandising revenue. Drawing on our 25 years of live event merchandising and marketing experience; itís no wonder why our clients love our work.

Stage 5 manages all projects from concept to execution with unparalleled attention to detail and a unique approach to each event utilizing our own in-house marketing and design team.

We embrace every event individually and strive to exceed client expectations by delivering world-class products with flexibility, creativity and access to all required resources.

Stage 5 possesses a wealth of experience manufacturing products around the world with licenses in the United Kingdom, America and the Asia Pacific Region.

Clients such as Top Gear Live, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Crusty Demons and ACDC have all sought out Stage 5ís services given our unbridled ability to deliver and succeed every time.

Stage 5ís ability to manufacture the entire Top Gear Live range on a global basis for BBC utilising Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) approved factories shows Stage 5ís high standard in selecting sound offshore production facilities.

February 2010 UFC 110, the first ever UFC show in Australia, broke Acer Arenaís merchandise sales record and UFCís merchandising sales record internationally proving further that Stage 5ís formula is one of pure success.

With a global perspective, over 25 years of experience and a proven commitment to quality, Stage 5 is proud of its status as a world-wide leader in merchandising.

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